Most Expensive Homes – Top 5 in the World

Many people see a home as more than just a house and a roof to take shelter from the elements. The rich and the famous with more than a few million dollars lying around to spend, often go the extra mile to purchase or build some of the world’s most luxurious and exquisite residences to live in. Here is a brief look at the top 5 most expensive homes in the world.

1) Most Expensive Homes – The Pinnacle Residence

Most Expensive Homes   Top 5 in the WorldWith an estimated cost price of $155 Million, the owner Tim Blixseth has more than just a home he can go to at the end of each day. He has a state of the art building that is equipped with some of the most high tech facilities that can be found in any home. The house sports a private chair lift which directly connects the house’s residents to a nearby ski resort that is also owned by Tim. Even the rich and famous do not walk like the rest of us when they need to go somewhere. They just decide to have a lift built to bring them anywhere they want to go.

2) Most Expensive Homes – The Franchuk Villa

Most Expensive Homes   Top 5 in the WorldThis majestic residence with a price tag of $161 million stands tall at 5 stories high that is complete with 10 bedrooms. Initially styled in the old Victorian Villa style, it also features one of the coolest facilities that a house can ever own; its very own private indoor swimming pool that is located underground. Patrons and residents can easily go into the built in theatre to catch a movie and if the people inside were to come under any sort of threat from the outside, they can easily escape to the built in panic room which is sure to protect them from any sort of harm short of a bomb attack.

3) Most Expensive Homes – The Hearst Mansion

Most Expensive Homes   Top 5 in the WorldSitting on a cool price tag of $165 million, this is one of the most expensive residences in the whole United States of America! This beauty of a building has even been spotted as the backdrop of The Godfather movie and was a place that housed the late American President F.F Kennedy on his honeymoon. There is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to this building.

4) Most Expensive Homes – Fairfield Pond Residence

Most Expensive Homes   Top 5 in the WorldComing in strong with a price of $200 million, residents have a myriad of options to spend their leisure time away while staying there. There are basketball courts and tennis courts to spend many playing casual games on and a bowling alley for those who prefer to bowl. It is rumoured that there is a lucrative and luxurious bathtub located inside that carries its own jaw-dropping price tag of almost $150,000! Talk about taking a bath in cash!

5) Most Expensive Homes – The Antilla Residence

Most Expensive Homes   Top 5 in the WorldThis is it. The big mother-load of all expensive homes that carries with it a price tag of one billion dollars! This is the pinnacle of residences in the world and is located in Mumbai. There are over 27 stories located in the structure and many more different types of facilities that other people can only ever dream about!