Commercial Property for Sale

Commercial Property for SaleSound advice for Serious Commercial Property Investors

“Plans fail for lack of counsel,
but with many advisers they succeed.” – Proverbs.

Commercial Gain is a network of experienced real estate consultants trained in commercial property investment. We understand that it may be your first time investing in a commercial, industrial or even retail property. You may also be a seasoned investor with multiple investment properties. We can help you to make the right decisions in your journey towards your investment goals.


Commercial Hot Spots

Investing in a commercial property may involve a large sum of capital. Hence, it is only appropriate that any investor be well-informed of the particular property he is investing in. With our experience, we will be able to help you locate an investment property that is suitable for your investment portfolio and worth every single bit of capital spent.

Commercial Property for Sale


Why Invest In Commercial Properties?

Commercial Property for SaleInvest in Commercial property and save on ABSD!

Many do not know that investing in commercial properties do not attract Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD). If you are looking at saving on ABSD, which may soak up a hugh chunk of your capital, you may want to consider investing in commercial properties.

Commercial Property for SaleAchieve from 4% up to 9% rental yield from Investing in Commercial Property and achieve more than 20% return on Equity

Investing in a commercial property will allow your money to work for you. We can help you to secure units with good rental yield and a high return on equity (ROE).

Commercial Property for SaleLearn how to Achieve positive cash flow from investing in commercial Property

Not all investment are profitable. Most people, especially seasoned investors, know that. Before we recommend a commercial property for investment, we will make sure that it has good rent-ability and that the transaction will result in positive cash flow.

Commercial Property for SaleLearn how to look out for commercial “hot spots” to invest in

RENT. RENT. RENT. Rent-ability is the most important factor when it comes to investing in a commercial property. We will help you to look out for commercial “Hot Spots” where property are worthy of your investment.

Commercial Property for Salereduce your risk of having an entire portfolio of residential property by investing in commercial property

Many think that since they are familiar with only residential property, they should just stick to getting their next residential property for investment. Explore commercial properties with us and we will tell you how to have a better property investment portfolio.


Commercial Property for Sale“Commercial Gain has helped me to transact my last property. I was pretty sure I would invest my money in a condo for rental income but they have helped me to get better rental yield from a commercial property.” – Tan Kim Poh.

“With the recent cooling measures, we thought that buying a second property was harder now. Commercial Gain has given me great advice not only on how to save on ABSD but also on the commercial hot spots to hunt for a good commercial property.” – Willy Ang.



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Please go through our updated database of commercial properties for investment, especially those in the “hot spots”. Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries or are interested in investing in a commercial property.